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Bordinar's Cleft
Continent: Thestra
Zone: Bordinar's Cleft
Map Location: Entrances at and .
Faction: Hostile to Gnomes
Access Condition: Open
Quest Givers: Yes
Crafting Stations: Yes
Vendors: Yes
Trainers: Yes
Broker: Yes
Banker: Yes
Pronunciation: Bore-Deh-Narrs Cleft
Transport: No
Missives: No
Bind Stone: No


[edit] Description

Bordinar's Cleft is a city formed in a canyon in the Widow’s Veil Mountains and home to the Dwarves of Thestra. It is located in the zone of the same name.

[edit] Architecture & Artwork

"When I started building Bordinar's Cleft back in 2003, Keith Parkinson's vision for this area was grandiose to say the least. We didn't want to create a typical dwarven city that everyone has already seen and read about. On the other hand, we didn't want to stray from the known lore. When you walk through the front gates I wanted the players to feel like they have just entered something grand and that this is a race you don't want to mess with. They take their culture, history, fighting and people very seriously.

The architectural style of this area was really important to hash out at the beginning. Keith had envisioned that the dwarves had not so much "built" the city as much as they burrowed into the mountain and "sculpted" the city. I chose the classical architectural style and loosely blended elements of Celtic decor and iconography. After experimenting with several different architectural styles, the classic arch and keystone style with girthy columns just seemed to fit. I like to makeup as I'm building. For example, the dwarves were forced to leave their previous home of what is now known as Dargun's Tomb and took up residence here at the Cleft. Since the style of Bordinar's Cleft was already established and assuming that the dwarves followed a similar path of architectural progression that we did, I built Dargun's Tomb using the gothic style to follow our own evolution. Anyway, I don't want to bore you with an art history lecture.

It's impossible to build an area several years before the launch of a game and anticipate all the advancements of computer hardware and new code that will be put in the engine. Since Bordinar's Cleft was built so early in Vanguard's development, it has been revisited to modify and add new elements and capabilities that developed over the progress of the game. We learned a lot about organization and workflow from this place. I think the biggest challenge was the management of the Maya scene file. It has been added to and modified so many times and by so many artists that it has become a nightmare to open and navigate."

-Matt McCulloch (artist)

"I actually came onto this starting village after the initial work had been done by Matt McCulloch. I worked on a lot of the object population around the city and a few of the rooms that you see in these screen shots. The throne room and the antechamber are what I am most proud of for the area. I wanted these to look imperial and grand, to make all characters (not just the dwarfs) to feel small when they walked into these rooms. I also created a good portion of the statues you see in the temples, the hallways, and just about everywhere else. These were fun (but time consuming) to make. The dwarves are great craftsmen, and it should show with everything they’ve built.

The architecture conveys this the most…hands down. To be honest that style had been established before I started working on the city, so I was imitating a precedent that had already been created. Matt M did a great job creating the feeling of the dwarven city.

The throne room was my favorite part. We were crunching at the time when I worked on this, and that throne and throne room where done in about 2 days. One of the fastest things I’ve done here and actually been satisfied with."

-Nathan Brock (another artist)

[edit] Lore

The Lore of Bordinar's Cleft is extensive and has been split into it's own article.

[edit] Locales

[edit] Detailed Information (Spoilers)

Bordinar's Cleft is an extremely large city and thus it has been broken into articles by locale. Please see any of the sub-areas to determine which NPCs and quests can be found within the city.

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