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Attributes are the basic characteristics of characters: how smart, how fast, how strong, how tough. These are usually represented as a numerical figure, which often can be increased as the character levels. Certain debuffs might lower these attributes, while buffs and bonuses on gear might raise them.

In addition, there are energy pools. These represent such things as the character's life, energy or magical capacity, and are lowered as actions are taken. These pools are commonly replenished through regeneration or resting.

Many attributes differ by sphere, so crafting will use a different set of attributes than adventuring classes.


[edit] Adventuring Sphere

[edit] Attributes

Adventuring Attributes from your Character Sheet
Adventuring Attributes from your Character Sheet

Some known attributes and their effects include:

There are also six resistance values, for fire, cold, spiritual, mental, arcane, and physical damage each. These apply to your mitigation and evasion(?). For spellcasting classes, there's also Spell Focus and Healing Focus granted by some equipment, which increases the power of spells.

[edit] Pools

Various pools are the (numerical) limit to what your characters can do. Some known pools and their effects:

  • Hit points: This is your life force; when it reaches zero, you are dead
  • Endurance: Fortitude used primarily by melee classes; fixed at 100 total
  • Energy: Magic pool used by spellcasters and some melee classes

[edit] Crafting Sphere

Crafting uses a different and more restricted set of four attributes, and only one pool.

[edit] Diplomacy Sphere

Diplomats do not have attributes and pools in the traditional sense, however Presence and Expression is very similar in concept.

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